Why Is Hydro Jetting used for block Drains

A Plumbers sewer hydro jetter is a reasonably new state of the art drain cleaning machine used by drain cleaning plumbers. When King Plumbing cleans your pipes using a hydro-jetter, we blast 5000 psi pressurised water through your drainage system to remove blockages and clean the drains.

Thoroughly Cleans Drains

A Hydro-jetter offers a thorough cleaning of your drains. The machine uses 5000 psi. This amount of pressurised water is sure to remove even the smallest drain build-up. It removes any intrusions, blockages, or tree roots, allowing the water to flow smoothly inside the pipes.

Removes Scum Build Up

Our pipes collect a lot of scum on the pipe walls. Scum such as sand, grease from cooking, dirt, hardened soap, and food waste all can enter into the plumbing drains at any time. These all can slowly build-up, and if not correctly removed, can cause a harmful blockage. With hydro-jetting, all obstructions are easy to remove.

Easier to get into The Drains

Drains in older homes can be old clay pipes that can be unstable. You do not want to excavate and cut holes into the pipe to access a cleaning point. Because the water hose enters directly into the gully which located above ground, you can get into the drain without having to tamper with the pipes.

Reduces smell and Germs

Especially in Kitchens, your drains can be home to rotting food particles such as meat particles and bacteria causing germs, smelly odors. Hydro-jetting removes the bacteria and the bad-smelling odour

Longer Lasting Solution

Hydro-jetting is longer lasting and thus a more cost-effective alternative to other drain cleaning solutions. Because the drain cleans so thoroughly, you clean it less often. The less you have to clean your pipes, the more savings for the homeowner.

Removes Difficult Blockages

Because of the high pressure of water jetting, it is easier to remove the most challenging debris, tree root and grime blockages. When the plumber spends less time on the job, he passes on the savings to the client.
At King plumbing, we understand how difficult it is to clean your pipes. Our plumbers are well versed in the hydro-jetting method. Contact us today to see how it can work for you!

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